Jackets NYC is a women-centric company providing a range of sizes that fit real women.


At Jackets RTW we believe that if you choose customized options and become part of the process you make it your “own.” We promise it will be fun, rewarding, and personal.

We have concentrated on the jacket as the go to piece in any women’s wardrobe. We are becoming known for jackets that are considered avant garde , or” stand alone” , and others that quietly complement the wearer’s wardrobe . The jacket story started for JWM when she went to see the recent David Hockney paintings at the Royal Academy in london two years ago .

His paintings of the seasons, his sense of color were such an inspiration that from one jacket design by Jane was born the Spring summer Fall and Winter Jackets.These are the statement pieces that are presented on the stylist page. Today we have many jackets that appeal to all kinds of women .

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Our Design Focus

The main design focus of Jackets RTW is the ready-to-wear line of jackets and vests for day and evening. This RTW line draws from the basic elements the couture division is known for, namely beautiful fabrics, attention to detail and timeless design. We are also a women-centric company and so we are also invested in providing a range of sizes that fit real women. It is our attempt at crossing the age divide, something we feel present fashion lacks.

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jane wilson painted jacket photo dave daggers web
Jane Wilson jacket david daggers photo

Photos by Dave Daggers

Model: Libby Wenchy Nicholson

Location : Cardiff, UK

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Jane Wilson Marquis Jackets Cardiff shoot construction
painted jacket floral design jane wilson marqus
Pained Jacket Flower Jane WIlson Marquis

Cardiff, UK Location Shoot with photographer Dave Daggers

Jackets from the  Culture Fluid Show in London

jane wilson marquis jackets max barstow photographer US

jane wilson marquis gray jacket UK fashion show

Culture Fluid “look book” garments shown at the London gallery show
June 17th 2019 n

photos by Joseph Squillante (NYC),

Location: New York City

jane wilson marquis red purple dress

jane wilson marquis asian inspired jacketjane wilson marquis womens jacket photo joseph squillante

the painted dresspainting the dress at UK show

Painter Ricardo Cinalli working on the jacket.

Culture Fluid

This show was an introduction to Jane’s new collection which uses fabric from vintage silk kimonos and Sari’s . This repurposed and sustainable approach gives these beautiful fabrics a chance to be seen and worn again . Jane’s designs take the iconic fabrics of India and Japan to create one of kind pieces that can be worn by every women .

We used Indian and Japanese fabric for the show.

Photos by
Max Barstow, Photographer

Photographer : Joseph Squillante


Nicole Sobieski
Chloe Spicer
Karolina Guerrero

Daisy Jopling’s tour of Cairo & Dubai

daisy jopling jazz violinist dubai performance web

Daisy Jopling’s tour of Cairo & Dubai

daisy joplin american jazz violonist dubai web

The gold and ivory gown is made of Italian silk and the gold motif is hand silk screened onto the fabric. This gown is part of the Africa meets Venice series . The series was designed to celebrate Angola the first African nation to win the art biannually in Venice . Photos by Daniel Flannery