Toppers by Wilson-Marquis Designs Jackets that let you get creative. This RTW line offers customized options. Enjoy the experience of making choices and  owning your own one-of-a-kind jacket.

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About the New jacket Line

We have concentrated on the jacket as the go to piece in any women’s wardrobe. We are becoming known for jackets that are considered avant garde , or” stand alone” , and others that quietly complement the wearer’s wardrobe . The jacket story started for JWM when she went to see the recent David Hockney paintings at the Royal Academy in london two years ago .

His paintings of the seasons, his sense of color were such an inspiration that from one jacket design by Jane was born the Spring summer Fall and Winter Jackets.These are the statement pieces that are presented on the stylist page.  Today we have many jackets that appeal to all kinds of women .

It is our attempt at being inclusive , attempting the seemingly impossible , to appeal to many women’s taste and pocketbook.We are sized accordingly and the line is versatile in that we encourage what we call the” semi couture experience ” . This allows you to have design imput and “make it your own.”

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Suzanna Redford from Texas is wearing an orange silk organza jacket

Suzanna Redford from Texas is wearing an orange silk organza jacket

Jo-Anne Falleta is a conductor of the Virginia Symphony. She is wearing a couture jacket in silk velvet with green silk taffeta truffles

JoAnn Falleta is an American conductor & serves as Music Director  of the Buffalo Philharmonic. She is wearing a couture jacket in silk velvet with green silk taffeta truffles


Jane recently got interviewed by WAG Magazine. Here is an excerpt.

In perhaps the most unexpected setting for a forward-looking conversation about style, WAG sits down with Jane Wilson-Marquis at a design-cluttered table nestled within her fairy cottage of a retreat in the woodlands of Putnam Valley.

Every inch of the surroundings, her summer home of some 20 years, is filled with artworks and fabrics, mannequins and ephemera of a life spent embracing the arts.

Despite the artful — and sometimes whimsical — setting, Wilson-Marquis, a British-born fashion designer who splits her time between the Hudson Valley and Manhattan, has a most practical approach to the art of dressing, which she sums up in the most succinct manner.

“You have to feel good about whatever you’re wearing,” she says.

And she knows for many, that’s quite the challenge.

“We’ve all bought clothes that we bought for whatever reason and we never take it out of our wardrobe.”

Wilson-Marquis has made a career out of helping people avoid that scenario with designs that tap into something deeper than fads and passing trends.

In fact, she says she’s been told, “People have to know who they are to wear my clothes.” Read more …

A very particular point of view WAG MAGAZINE

Jane Wilson Latest Inverview on WAG Magazine..Click on the image